November 22, 2015

Dhow, the Zanzibari way of sailing

It’s nice to book a day trip on a traditional boat, during your stay in the coastal areas of Tanzania or in Zanzibar! “Dhow” is the name of the type of boat that you will frequently see and eventually use, here. Dhow are part of the sea landscape.

The art of building “dhow” boats is part of Zanzibari culture and one of the greatest crafting industries in this area, especially in Nungwi.

The engineering behind dhow construction is extraordinary. Up to the present time, these boats have been built exactly as it used to happen centuries ago – entirely by hand, without support of any modern tool and technology.

In Zanzibar you will see many of these small boats, mainly used for fishing or during touristic itineraries. But the structure of a dhow is incredibly stable and reliable, suitable for long trips in the Ocean. In the past, very large dhow were used as cargo ships, carrying over 200 tons; they used to have crews of approximately thirty people!

Not everybody know, but actually Zanzibar and the Tanzanian coast are not the only places where these boats are commonly used for everyday business: you can find them in many surrounding countries bordering with the Indian Ocean, as well as in Red Sea and the Persian Gulf – up to Dubai!


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